Toolflow mMIPS-lab Setup

  1. Launch Cygwin from the start menu or by clicking the desktop icon.
  2. Change the path to the directory which contains the installation files using the following command:
    cd /cygdrive/d/mmips/cygwin_post_install
  3. You will be provided with a username and password for using the mMIPS toolflow. Use the following command to start the installation of this toolflow:
    ./ <your mMIPS username>

  4. Answer "yes" and press Enter when asked wether you are sure you want to continue connecting.

  5. Enter your mMIPS password. If a 'Permission denied' error appears and you are sure you have entered the valid user name and the password, you may try to type the password e.g. in a notepad to make sure that it appears exactly as it is typed. This should identify problems such as a pressed CapsLock, or the problems with Dutch keyboard layout (e.g. to type " you need two keypresses).

  6. Enter your mMIPS password again.

  7. You have completed to toolflow installation.