Predictable Matching of Demands on Networked Architectures (PreMaDoNa)

The PROGRESS Embedded Systems Roadmap 2001 notes that the highest priority of STWs Program for Research on Embedded Systems & Software is to promote, develop and facilitate the reuse of Intellectual Property (IP) blocks in an effort to reduce the design-complexity gap. Network-on-Chip (NoC) based platforms include various core blocks such as processors, memories and I/O blocks, which are interconnected by on-chip networks. It is believed that NoC-based platforms highly enable reuse of IP blocks and that they therefore form a suitable basis for future embedded systems.

The PreMaDoNa project focuses on the design and implementation of NoC-based platforms for multi-media applications. The research challenges mainly originate from the increasing complexity of multi-media applications and the ever-shortening design time to realise multi-media systems.

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