Virtualization and Emulation of a CAN Device on a Multi-Processor System on Chip

Dynamic behavior of streaming applications can be effectively modeled by scenario-aware dataflow graphs (SADFs). Many streaming applications must provide timing guarantees (e.g., throughput) to assure their quality-of-service. For instance, a video decoder which is running on a mobile device is expected to deliver a video stream with a specific frame rate. Moreover, the energy consumption of such applications on handheld devices should be as low as possible. This paper proposes a technique to select a suitable multiprocessor DVFS point for each mode (scenario) of a dynamic application described by an SADF. The technique assures strict timing guarantees while minimizing energy consumption. The technique is evaluated by applying it to several streaming applications. It solves the problem faster than the state of the art technique for dataflow graphs. Moreover, the DVFS controller devised using the proposed technique is more compact and reduces energy consumption compared to the controller devised using the counterpart technique.