Teaching and Student Supervision

I love guiding and working with students. Below are some of the courses I have assisted and the students that I am supervising or have supervised in the past together with the project titles that they worked on.

EE4214 (NUS)

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  • Website: http://wiki.nus.edu.sg/display/ee4214/Real-Time+Football+Cup+2011.

Masters Students

  • Johan Hendriks (2011-contd): Supporting Algorithmic Patterns On Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
  • Sheng Wang(2011-contd): Saliency and feature detection on FPGA

Bachelors Students

  • Abhinav (FYP 2007-2008): Work on extending MAMPS with mapping information.
  • Priyantha (FYP 2007-2008): Map MPEG-4 decoder on multi-processor FPGA platform.