Advanced Computer Architecture (5MD00)

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  • Assignment
  • SimpleScalar tool set is a suite of computer simulation tools that provide both detailed and high-performance simulation of microprocessors. It is very popular, e.g., in 2000, more than one-third of all papers published in top computer architecture conferences used the SimpleScalar tools to evaluate their designs.

    "Wattch" is an architectural simulator that estimates CPU power consumption. The power estimates are based on a suite of parameterizable power models for different hardware structures and on per-cycle resource usage counts generated through cycle level simulation. The power models have been integrated into the SimpleScalar architecture simulator.

    Follow the next instructions to complete this assignment:

    1. The tool sets have been tested on the ics server. In order to connect to it, you may need to read this: Using X-server with Putty and Xming (courtesy Sander). We have already created 40 accounts with required files copied. Please come to our secretary's office (PT9.24) to pick up one if you need. If you would like to install SimpleScalar on your own laptop (Linux), please refer to this link.

    2. Follow all the steps of the Pre-assignment to install and familiarize yourself with the SimpleScalar and Wattch Toolset.

    3. This is your assignment. In this assignment, you are asked to find out the most performance-enegy efficient superscalar architectures for a specific benchmark by applying Design Space Exploration (DSE). Your report has to be emailed to me by Dec. 14, 2010.

  • Updates
  • 12-11-2010: Server account is ready, you can come ot pick it up. Good Luck!
    10-11-2010: If you need a server account to do this assignment, please pick it up from our secretary's office (PT9.24)
    10-11-2010: new assignment for academic year 2010-2011
    22-11-2009: new assignment for academic year 2009-2010
    15-12-2008: Add a simple sample script
    12-12-2008: Add a public directory "/home/aca/aca0928" on the ics server. If you are using ics server, you can get the simulator packages and benchmark packages from that directory, avoiding download of huge files from the web.
    11-12-2008: Add the Design Space Exploration assignment.
    11-12-2008: Add SimpleScalar Hacker's Guide .
    11-12-2008: FAQs.
    10-12-2008: Add the link (Zhenyu's) for students who would like to install SimpleScalar on their own laptop (Linux).

  • FAQs
  • Q1. When editing a file with vi or vim, how to quickly go to a specific line?

    Ans. Type ": line-number", e.g., if you would like to jump to line 100, type ":100", then strike the ENTER key.

    Q2. The output of the simulator is too much, and all mixed together. How can I seperate it into different parts?

    Ans. You can use -redir:sim and -redir:prog flags to redirect the simulator output and program output to the file you specified. e.g., if you would like to redirect the simulation output to a file named sim.log, you can use "./sim-outorder -redir:sim sim.log ...".

    Q3. How can I know the default settings of the architecture parameters?

    Ans. The output of the sim-outorder already displays the default parameter settings. You can also use " -dumpconfig " flag to dump the default configuration to the file you specified.

    Q4. How to unpack a .tar file?

    Ans. You can use "tar -xvf FILE.tar". See "man tar" for more information.

    Q5. How to figure out whether or not two files (say FILE_1 and FILE_2) are the same?

    Ans. By using the command "diff FILE_1 FILE_2". If the files are identical, no output is produced.

    Q6. Why do I get errors like "command not found" during compilation of the tools? Why the script is not working?

    Ans. Check whether you have logged on to the acaXXXX@co4(/5/6/7) server. Do NOT log on to the server, it is different from the co4/5/6/7 servers.

    Q7. If I want to edit files in my windows system, and then upload to the server, which software can I use?

    Ans. You can download and install WinSCP.

  • Documents
  • For those who would like to know more about SimpleScalar:

  • Contacts
  • Yifan He
    Office: PT 9.15 (Monday 10:15 ~ 11:00, Thursday 10:15 ~ 11:00)