Welcome to my homepage. I was a Ph.D student at the Electronic Systems group
of the Department of Electrical Engineering
of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

I have graduated in 2012 and moved to U.S.A. I am still reachable through the email yang[dot]thu[at]gmail[dot]com

My research topic is Model-based design space exploration.

First promotor: Prof. Twan Basten
Copromotor: Prof. Henk Corporaal
Daily supervisor: Prof. Marc Geilen

Research Interest


My Ph.D. research is founded by Ocotpus project (2007~2012). It is a joint project of a consortium of industrial and academic partners. The research activities are guided by three lines of attention. I mainly work on the datapath design line. The main research challenges are how to apply model-based approach on printer datapath design and how to analyze trade-offs of different design alternatives. The results of my research are summarized in a list of publications