Program Co-Chairs

Wenjin Wang
Philips Research

Daniel McDuff
Microsoft Research

Sander Stuijk
Eindhoven University of Technology

Program Committee
  • Prof. Gerard de Haan (Philips Research)
  • Prof. Alexei A. Kamshilin (ITMO University)
  • Prof. Alexander Wong (University of Waterloo)
  • Prof. Izumi Nishidate (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  • Dr. Lalit K. Mestha (GE Global Research)
  • Dr. Ming-Zher Poh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Dr. Wim Verkruijsse (Philips Research)
  • Dr. Ihor Kirenko (Philips Research)
  • Dr. Albertus C. den Brinker (Philips Research)
  • Dr. Mauricio Villarroel Montoya (University of Oxford)
  • Dr. Robert Amelard (University of Waterloo)
  • Dr. DangDang Shao (Qualcomm Research)
  • Justin Estepp (Airforce Research Laboratory)
  • Ethan Blackford (Ball Technologies)
  • Weixuan Chen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Mark van Gastel (Eindhoven University of Technology)