xCPS Documentation

This documentation describes the API that controls the eXplore Cyber-Physical Systems (xCPS) machine. The latest version of the API itself is not provided with this documentation, but can instead be found on the cps git.

The xCPS can be used to emulate real-world (industrial) processes, such as large-scale printers at Océ or wafersteppers at ASML. Some additional documentation such as schematics, pictures and videos of the machine can also be found on the git, while some relevant material can also be found near the computer that controls the machine.

The API described in this documentation offers all of the functionalities of the machine in an easy way, by using the (main) class xCPS. This class is a good starting point to get to know either the machine of this API. An example initialization of this xCPS class is:

xCPS xcps;


Here, the usage of composition combined with the init() function provide all of the initialization need to operate the machine.

Some links to the API code, the Connect Four game code, and a video of the Connect Four game are provided here:

A schematic adapted from the xCPS article is shown below:

xCPS schematic


Max Houwing - m.hou.nosp@m.wing.nosp@m.@stud.nosp@m.ent..nosp@m.tue.n.nosp@m.l

Based on code by:

Joao Bastos

Umar Waqas