FSMSADF::GraphBinding::ParetoQuantities Class Reference

#include <graph_binding.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool dominates (const ParetoQuantities &q) const
double distance (const ParetoQuantities &q) const
ostream & print (ostream &out) const

Public Attributes

map< Processor *, double > processingLoad
map< Memory *, double > memoryLoad
map< NetworkInterface *, double > communicationLoad

Member Function Documentation

double FSMSADF::GraphBinding::ParetoQuantities::distance ( const ParetoQuantities q  )  const

distance() The function returns the euclidean distance between this Pareto point and q.

References ASSERT, communicationLoad, memoryLoad, and processingLoad.

bool FSMSADF::GraphBinding::ParetoQuantities::dominates ( const ParetoQuantities q  )  const

dominates() The function returns true when this Pareto point dominates the Pareto point q. Otherwise the function returns false.

References ASSERT, communicationLoad, memoryLoad, and processingLoad.

Referenced by FSMSADF::GraphBinding::paretoDominates().

ostream & FSMSADF::GraphBinding::ParetoQuantities::print ( ostream &  out  )  const

print() Print quantities to the output stream.

References communicationLoad, memoryLoad, and processingLoad.

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