FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo Class Reference

#include <memory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MemoryDimAlgo (FlowType &t)
 ~MemoryDimAlgo ()
void init ()
bool computeStorageDist ()
bool selectStorageDist ()
bool estimateStorageDist ()
GraphgetApplicationGraph () const
void setApplicationGraph (Graph *g)
PlatformGraphgetPlatformGraph () const
void setPlatformGraph (PlatformGraph *g)
PlatformBindingsgetPlatformBindings () const
void setPlatformBindings (PlatformBindings *b)
PlatformBindinggetPlatformBinding (const CString &name) const
PlatformBindinggetInitialPlatformBinding () const

Private Attributes

FlowType flowType
map< Scenario *, set
< StorageDistribution >
::iterator > 

Detailed Description

Memory dimensioning

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::MemoryDimAlgo ( FlowType t  )  [inline]

References applicationGraph, and flowType.

FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::~MemoryDimAlgo (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

Graph* FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::getApplicationGraph (  )  const [inline]

References applicationGraph.

PlatformBinding * FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::getInitialPlatformBinding (  )  const

getInitialPlatformBinding() The function returns a pointer to the initial platform binding object. An exception is thrown when no such object exists.

References FSMSADF::PlatformBinding::isInitialBinding(), and platformBindings.

Referenced by estimateStorageDist().

Here is the call graph for this function:

PlatformBinding * FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::getPlatformBinding ( const CString name  )  const

getPlatformBinding() The function returns a pointer to a platform binding object with the specified name. An exception is thrown when no such object exists.

References FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getName(), and platformBindings.

Here is the call graph for this function:

PlatformBindings* FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::getPlatformBindings (  )  const [inline]

References platformBindings.

PlatformGraph* FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::getPlatformGraph (  )  const [inline]

References platformGraph.

void FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::init (  ) 

initialize() The function initializes the memory dimensioning algorithm.

References applicationGraph, FSMSADF::Graph::hasIsolatedScenarios(), platformBindings, platformGraph, and selectedStorageDistribution.

Referenced by FSMSADF::SDF3Flow::checkInputDesignFlow().

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bool FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::selectStorageDist (  ) 

selectStorageDist () Select storage distribution from the trade-off space.

References FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getName(), FSMSADF::Scenario::getScenarioGraph(), FSMSADF::ScenarioGraph::getStorageDistributionsOfScenario(), logMsg(), and selectedStorageDistribution.

Referenced by FSMSADF::SDF3Flow::selectStorageDist().

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void FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::setApplicationGraph ( Graph g  )  [inline]
void FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::setPlatformBindings ( PlatformBindings b  )  [inline]
void FSMSADF::MemoryDimAlgo::setPlatformGraph ( PlatformGraph g  )  [inline]

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