Shell Class Reference

#include <shell.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void initialize (void)
virtual bool execute (const CString &dir, const CString &script, CString **redstdout, CString **redstderr, uint timeout)=0
virtual CStringreadFile (const CString &fullPath)=0

Detailed Description

Shell Abstract class representing the platform dependent implementations for shell functionality. Has platform specific subclasses ShellWin and ShellNix

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Shell::execute ( const CString dir,
const CString script,
CString **  redstdout,
CString **  redstderr,
uint  timeout 
) [pure virtual]

execute bash script named script in directory dir return stdout and stderr output of run in redstdout and redstderr return false in case of timeout, true otherwise

Implemented in ShellNix, and ShellWin.

Referenced by Tester::runTest().

virtual void Shell::initialize ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

do the necessary initializations

Reimplemented in ShellNix, and ShellWin.

Referenced by createShell().

virtual CString* Shell::readFile ( const CString fullPath  )  [pure virtual]

read a file into a string

Implemented in ShellNix, and ShellWin.

Referenced by Tester::compareToCorrectOutput().

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